I love classical music.

I have no musical training whatsoever, a total amateur; all I have is my untrained ears and my desire to listen. Lack of training has always been something regretful, and it undoubtedly imposes lots of challenges as I attempt to understand the pieces I listen to.

I do believe those with trained ears will be able to experience and thus enjoy far more than us amateurs do, because they understand the language spoken by the composers, and therefore are able to appreciate all the techniques and crafts employed in their works. Outsiders can enjoy the works to certain extend but would mostly be limited (even superficial) in comprehending the full depths of the musical meanings. Come to think about it, with only a small percentage of the population today can sight read a music score, we amateurs standing in front of the vast classical music repertoire, despite our full intention to understand and appreciate the beauty of this art form, most of us can only scratch the surface of it. How sad!

Well, one thing good about it is, I don’t have to worry about anything I put down here being unprofessional. Meanwhile I do hope this little blog provides something informative, or serves as a sounding board for others who share the same love of classical music.

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